PS5 Power Supply Unit ADP-400DR/ADP-400ER/ADP-400FR
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PS5 Power Supply Unit ADP-400DR/ADP-400ER/ADP-400FR

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As new,  PS5 Power Supply Unit ADP-400DR/ADP-400ER/ADP-400FR

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Listed Power Supply Unit for Sony PS5 console.  PS5 Power Supply Unit ADP-400DR/ADP-400ER/ADP-400FR.  All models are not compatible with each other. Please make sure select the right one for your PS5 consoles.

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AC input: 100-127V   ~ 4.5A    50/60HZ
                20V-240V  ~ 2.3A    50/60HZ

DC output:  +12V  @ 31 A

We ship from Sydney. Orders placed before 3pm during the week days will get the same day dispatch !

How to identify a possible faulty PS5 power supply :

The PS5 power supply can be easily tested with a multimeter. Simply measure the voltage across the output pins, it should read around 12V . If a PS5 does not power on, the power supply is not always the issue. We strongly recommend buyers to test your existing power supply before making a decision to purchase a replacement.

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