Xbox360 RROD Repair plus fan mod (Postal Service with return postage included)
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Xbox360 RROD Repair plus fan mod (Postal Service with return postage included)

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Reballing Service to Fix Xbox360 Red Ring of Death

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We provide Xbox 360 repair service to customers throughout Auatralia as well as local customers in Sydney. If your Xbox showed 3 red ring error, this is due to major hardware failure. The symptom of this error is: not soon after switching on Xbox360, you can see 3 red  LED light up and keeps blinking. There is no video or audio from TV. 
This problem is discovered to be one or more solder balls under the Graphic Process Unit cracked due to insufficient heat dissipation. To fix this problem, the said device needs to be reballed using professional BGA re-work station. As part of the service, we also modify the cooling fan by increasing the speed so the GPU and CPU get more air flow to prevent future RROD again. We have more detained in our Tech Info page. 
To order this service, you'll need to print the invoice after checkout and pack your Xbox360 with the printed invoice attached then send to us to this address:  ( do not include power supply, AV cable, controller)

PO BOX 3177, Regents Park NSW 2143
We offer 6 months warranty. The price includes return postage and insurance. The turn around is 2 working days plus delivery time after receiving your Xbox360. Customers to pay one way postage if warranty repair needs to be done. 
Price can be cheaper ( $100 ) for local customers who can drop off and pick up your Xbox.
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