Matrix Nand Programmer
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Matrix Nand Programmer

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  Matrix NAND Programmer Cost effective NAND reader / programmer to do the GliGli Hack or Jtag hack. 
It features a PIC18F2455 microcontroller for stable and quick reading/writing of all NAND models available on the different XBOX360 models. 
It takes around 4 minutes to read or write a 16MB nand , same time as the Xecuter Nand-X and maximus Nand flasher takes to read or write. 


  ·            Fast USB SPI 360 NAND programmer!
  ·            Fully compatible with all XBOX360 NAND models. 

  ·            Fully compatible with NandPro2.0e Software and other third party software. 


  ·            Easily reprogrammable with via USB connector. 


  ·            Quick reading and writing times. 

  ·            Microchip based for enhanced stability. 
 Wiring diagram for the Fat and Slim Xbox360

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