PS3 Cooling Fan Modchip
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PS3 Cooling Fan Modchip

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PS3 Cooling Fan Modchip to prevent YLOD

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The 40GB/60GB PS3's are running very hot due to insufficient heat dissipation in design. As a result, a lot of PS3 have suffered from YLOD problem. That's because the excessive heat produced by GPU causes the motherboard warp. After a lot of heat cycles ( heat up and cool down cycles ), the solder balls under the GPU finally got fractured. 


PS3 cooling fan speed is controlled by a modulated pulse sent by PS3's SYSCON. This modification device generates a higher duty cycle pulse instead to increase the cooling fan speed. With the running noise still maintained at an acceptable level, this carefully designed chip makes the fan running at about 30% faster than the stock PS3s. 


When the speed of cooling fan increased by 30%, The temperature has been brought down from 68C to 50C (measured in a 40GB PS3 on the heatsink under GPU).  The PS3 runs a lot cooler even when running game like "Call of Duty". So far, we have modified quite a number of PS3s using this chip right after YLOD repair and the result is very satisfied. It's also recommend for all 40GB/60GB PS3 owners 


Installation of this device is quite easy although soldering work is required. Simply cut the 3 wires on the PS3 cooling fan and connect the 6 points as shown in the pictures below. 


Customers who do not feel comfortable to solder may contact us and we are happy to install it for you for the cost of $49 including the chip and labor
It comes with 1 x cooling fan modchip, 1x heat shrink tube.  PS3 slim does not need cooling mod. 
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